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Prof. Dr. Christoph W. Turck

Head of the Research Group "Proteomics and Biomarkers"


MPI of Psychiatry - Group "Proteomics and Biomarkers"


Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry
Proteomics and Biomarkers
Kraepelinstr. 2
D-80804 Munich

Phone: +49 (89) 3062 - 2317
Fax: +49 (89) 3062 - 2610


Research Focus

The comparison of the proteome of diseased and healthy tissues and body fluids and the subsequent identification of the proteins that are different from normal in disease are pursued in order to unravel the pathogenesis of disease, to identify therapeutic targets, and to develop diagnostic tests. Research interests are concerned with the identification of biomarkers for affective and neurological disorders. Biomarkers will ultimately allow a more precise definition and categorization of mood disorders and in turn facilitate investigations of the pathogenesis of the diseases and enhance our ability for treatment.

Proteomic technologies promise to be of great value in molecular medicine, particularly in the detection and discovery of disease markers. The proteome is thought to be directly related to the phenotype of an organism and hence protein profiling will result in the most precise understanding of disease mechanisms as well as the molecular effects of drugs.

Primary Technique(s): proteomics, biochemistry, quantitative mass spectrometry, two dimensional gel electrophoresis, metabolic labelling, protein turnover analysis, pathway analysis

Model Organism(s): mice