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Surname, First name Research Focus Availability
Gires, Olivier Based on the findings on EMT in HNSCC, the aims of the project are two-fold. Firstly, we aim to further explore the novel regulatory networks of EGFR in HNSCC and identify gene signature(s) characterizing EGFR-mediated EMT from preclinical to clinical status to improve HNSCC stratification with a special focus on local recurrences, lymph node status, and response to EGFR-specific therapeutic agents. Secondly, we aim to identify prospective therapeutic targets, i.e. genes that make up EGFR-mediated signatures will be further described at the functional, molecular level in adequate cellular models. available
Vollmar, Angelika The biochemical pathway of chlorophyll degradation has only recently been characterized. The metabolites that are yielded from the breakdown path – the phyllobilins – were shown to have antioxidant properties. not available
Wagner, Ernst Novel molecular therapeutics like siRNA, microRNAs or antagomiRs require potent extracellular and intracellular delivery devices to be effective antitumor agents. not available