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The application phase for the 2024 Amgen Scholars in Munich is now closed. The next application phase will open on Nov. 1st, 2024

Important dates:

Earliest offers: March 1st, 2024

Final results: by early April 2024

Programme start: June 28th, 2024

Programme end: September 4th, 2024

Amgen Scholars EU Cambridge Symposium: September 1st - 4th, 2024

Expected application start: November 1st, 2024

Expected deadline for applications: February 1st, 2025

A few things to keep in mind before you proceed to the application:

You should begin by taking a look at our available projects (availability subject to change), and using the information and related links to get an idea about the different research topics and methods represented in the LMU Amgen Scholars Programme. In the coming weeks, laboratories will be announcing their availability for the 2024 summer, representing 12 research areas at various institutions of the LMU and its University Hospital, the Max-Planck-Institutes, the Helmholtz Center, and the Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD). We will update their availability and project details on the website as soon as confirmed. At some point in your application, you will be asked to give a choice of two preferred projects. This will help the evaluation team to coordinate optimal lab placements.

Please do not contact faculty members directly about your application.

Check our FAQ page for specific questions related to applications and requirements.


Eligible to apply for the Amgen Scholars Programme in Munich are undergraduate students who

  • are enrolled in a bachelor's programme at EHEA colleges and universities,*
  • have not completed their bachelor's or first degree prior to termination of the programme in September, regardless of their field of studies (this translates to still having coursework to complete for their bachelor or first degree after the programme end in September),**
  • are interested in pursuing a PhD.

*  Eligible students must attend colleges or universities in countries that are participating in the European Higher Education Area and Bologna Process. Click here to see a full list of participating countries.

**Additional note for medical students: eligible undergraduate applicants must have not started their clinical training prior to start of the summer programme.

Language Requirements:

Lingua franca of all hosting labs, lectures, courses, and events is English. Therefore, a good command of English is required for participation in the programme. Language certificates are not mandatory or required. Candidates may be asked to demonstrate adequate English language skills in a telephone interview.

Required documents for the online application:

  • CV (please be sure to list any lab skills you may have already acquired and your proficiency in them) - to be uploaded by applicants
  • official academic transcript from your home university (remember that this may take up to 1 month to receive, so plan accordingly!) - to be uploaded by applicants (even for 1st-year students who have no grades yet, an empty transcript listing their courses and confirming enrollment is mandatory)
  • statement of motivation form - mandatory form needs to be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded by applicants
  • two completed forms for recommendation - mandatory form needs to be downloaded, filled out by referees, and uploaded by the applicant. Your referee can add a letter to the form, but the form is mandatory. Should your referees want to send a confidential recommendation, please ask them to send it to

Submission of your application:

Documents (CV, transcript, statement of motivation form, two forms for recommendation) must be submitted by completing the online application form, please be sure to have them prepared before starting. After you have completed all the necessary entries to your satisfaction, you will be asked to actively submit the application form. Only applicants who have submitted the online application form and all of the required documents listed above before the deadline will be considered for admission.


General questions regarding the programme may be sent to

We look forward to receiving your application for the next Amgen Scholars Programme at LMU Munich.