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Prof. Dr. Andreas Ladurner

Chair, Professor of Physiological Chemistry


LMU Medical Faculty (BMC) - Department of Physiological Chemistry


Biomedical Center Munich
Department of Physiological Chemistry
Großhaderner Str. 9
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

Phone: (089) 2180 77095
Fax: (089) 2180 77093


Research Focus

Project Description: Unlocking the Connections Between Dietary Sugar, Gene Regulation and Disease

Next summer, join us in investigating the intricate link between glucose metabolism, transcriptional control and gene regulation in eukaryotes. Our project focuses on how the sugar-tolerance transcription factor ChREBP and its paralogs directly sense cellular metabolites to drive large changes in gene activity.

As an undergraduate summer student, you will:

- Participate in metabolite screening to confirm the molecular receptor function of this novel class of important human transcription factors.

- Engage in biophysical assays to understand the molecular basis of ChREBP-G6P recognition.

- Contribute to experiments demonstrating the functional impact of these interactions on gene regulation.

Must-have lab skills:

- This research offers a unique opportunity to delve into molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics, paving the way for potential therapies targeting metabolic diseases. If you're passionate about molecular biology, have some experience in molecular biology, protein purification and biophysical assays and eager to be part of cutting-edge research, apply now!