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Amgen Alumna publishes in Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

Congratulations to ASP LMU alumna Cláudia Vilhena!


Following her summer as an Amgen Scholar at the LMU in 2012, Cláudia has continued to find ways to get involved in the lab. Besides being accepted to the Erasmus Program at the University of Cambridge, she has been collaborating in research with Dr. Ana Francisca Bettencourt. This project has lead to a publication in the journal Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry.

Great work Cláudia!

Vilhena C and Bettencourt A. 2012. Daptomycin: A Review of Properties, Clinical Use, Drug Delivery and Resistance. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 12(3): 202-209.

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